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I was commissioned to do a painting of the John Coltrane family by saxophonist Ravi Coltrane. Ravi liked some pastels that I made of him during his performance at the Jazz Hall in Santa Barbara.
I painted the John and Alice Coltrane family portrait for Ravi and Michelle Coltrane as a gift to Alice Coltrane, in 1996. In Santa Barbara, I studied landscape painting with Ray Strong.

I studied the Frank J. Reilly approach to oil painting, through artist JoAnne Roy in Norwalk Connecticut, and through a manual written by one of Reilly's students, Apollo Dorian in Tucson, AZ. Dorian’s manual expresses the need for understanding the values and chromatic scales possible in oil painting. In Tucson, at the Drawing Studio, I studied Advanced Drawing with Paul Tebo. That course taught me so much, I am still studying the precepts offered by Paul Tebo.
Bridge Art Space, Studio 845
23 Maine Ave, Richmond, CA 94804

Suzanne Cerny

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