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I grew up in North Dakota where I attended college before heading East, eventually settling in Boston. During my 6 year residence in New England, I worked as an illustrator for various weekly and monthly news magazines as well as studying studio fine arts at The Massachusetts College of Art. Moving to San Francisco in 1979, I set up a studio in my apartment and enrolled at S.F. State, graduating with a B.A. in 1991.

After a lengthy period which included studio still-life’s and plein-air landscapes, I began to feel that something was missing. That “something” turned out to be my imagination

My work has its origins in tradition.  In particular, 17th Century Dutch painting.  It has been a source of inspiration regarding both the development of the painting’s subject and the paint handling techniques used to bring the illusionism to life. 
After a lengthy period, which included studio still-lifes and plein-air landscapes, I began to feel that something was missing.  That “something” turned out to be my imagination. 

I subsequently found that I could bring what I had learned from observational realism and apply it toward an improvisational approach.  I would discover the painting’s content through trial and error.  I could let the image go completely over the top and then edit it back. 

Although I drew great satisfaction from life painting, I found that temperamentally I was really an improviser.  Accidents and paint handling could dictate how an image develops. 

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