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David Moore


David Moore is the Owner and Art Director of Sincere Design.

Raised on a farm in southern Illinois, his family moved to Chicago when he was 15.

After a stint in the army, he moved to San Francisco to study at the San Francisco Academy of Art where he majored in painting, drawing and printmaking. He became an activist during the Vietnam war and continues to be politically active in Richmond politics.

In 1970 he began doing illustration, photography, writing, book production and marketing.

After spending 15 years doing forensics and demonstrative evidence, in 1994 he began designing web sites. He has continued drawing and painting with his buddies known as the Art Squad.

Downtown Point Richmond
Indian Statue Park - Downtown Point Richmond

Richmond Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee
Cartoon for the Richmond Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee

North Richmond Shoreline Open Space Alliance
Cartoon for the North Richmond Shoreline Open Space Alliance to stop development of Breuner Marsh

Peach House
Post Card for a Peach

North Richmond Shoreline Open Space Lawrence Berkeley Labs
Buttons for the North Richmond Shoreline Open Space Alliance and for Lawrence Berkeley Labs Move to Richmond

Illustrations for Tom Powers' book, Vineyard Simple (available from Amazon)

Sincere Design