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As a child, hiding behind a bedroom door, I used crayons, paper, scissors and clay to escape my chaotic family life. But when my mother decided these activities were unproductive, I abandoned art for many years. It was a job as production manager for a magazine and the need to understand composition that brought art back into my life.

I am blessed now to explore all kinds of artistic pursuits. Although watercolor has been my main focus, I work in ceramics, calligraphy, bookmaking, jewelry, and most recently, Zentangle. Curiosity has become my motto: What would happen if I …..?
And so I explore.

Pears are a shape that fascinates me. In a watercolor class we explored the different ways we could paint a pear. I couldn’t stop with just one or two studies. And I found my favorite was adding a graphic element. The studies are small; the larger pieces are my further exploration.

Feathers have long been a symbol I have used for myself. (My website is: Like my study of pears, I decided to see how many ways I could paint a feather, playing with all the different feathers in my large collection, playing with backgrounds and with color.

I am excited to meet artists in my community.

Darla Engelmann

(510) 233-1010


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