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Carol was born in upstate NY and spent the first part of her life on the east coast. Moving to California in 2000 with her husband and two young daughters at the time, she became interested in taking photos as a hobby. She particularly loves to take photos of animals and people in nature.

She is the resident photographer at the non- for profit school where she works in Berkeley as a speech/language pathologist with children with hearing loss and other communication disorders. Many of her photos of the students and their families have been used in the school’s fundraising campaigns.

Carol is deeply honored to have received notice that one of her photos is a finalist in the National Wildlife Magazine’s 2017 Photo Contest. Her photo titled “Kayaker at Sunset” taken right here in Brickyard Cove in Point Richmond, has won an honorable mention in the magazine’s photo contest and is appearing in the magazine’s slideshow. Her photo will be considered for publication in future issues of National Wildlife and on the upcoming newly vamped PhotoZone page.

Carol feels privileged to be a newer member of the Arts of Point Richmond.

Carol Lettko
Phone: 925-285-0320

Kayaker at Sunset
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