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"Holding up Half the Sky",
A celebration of Women exhibit.

The theme celebrates all facets of womanhood, including women’s resilience and wisdom - characteristics especially critical in these volatile political and cultural times.

Anne Austin, curator of the San Pablo Art Gallery, juried this show, which features both light-hearted and thought-provoking artwork.

 All AOPR members are invited to attend and bring friends, enjoy light refreshments and this special exhibit.


Kaleidsocope Coffee, 109 Park Place, Point Richmond

Exhibition Dates:
September 1 - October 31

An AOPR Juried Show
Juried by Anne Austin
Curator of the San Pablo
Art Gallery

Nancy Whitley is the current exhibitor at El Sol Restaurant, 101 Park Place, Point Richmond


Nancy Whitley

About the Artist

Over the course of several years I photographed the life cycle of the Fiora and Noggle vineyards in Lake County.
I captured not only the harvest, but the winter dormancy, the pruning of the vines, the bud break, the appearance of tiny clusters of grapes which grow over the spring and summer into lush sugar-laden clusters ready for harvest.

Michael Noggle is a wine maker, so I captured the process of making his wine: the crush of the just-picked grapes, the tank fermentation, the press of the juice from the skin and seeds, the barrel aging, the bottling.

The photographs which have stayed with me most are of the harvest crews. I have chosen to title almost all of the portraits of these hard-working, beautiful people ‘untitled’. I do not know their names or from where they came. I do not know their immigration status. I do not know if they are still in this country, and if they are, I wonder if they are afraid in this time when so many immigrants, with or without documents, are deeply afraid.

Nancy Whitley
Member, Arts of Point Richmond
510 367-1806

We invite you to drop by and enjoy the photographs and stay for a tasty meal.
El Sol Restaurant, 101 Park Place, Point Richmond, CA

Many thanks to Josephine Orozco, El Sol owner for her support of Arts of Point Richmond artists.

Photo by Bob Colin